Overland Park

9881 West 83rd St 

 September 21st 9-5pm

September 22nd 9-5pm

September 23rd 9-5pm 



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Thank you Kansas City for coming to our sales, we truly appreciate you…….

Due to the nature of the sale we will have to limit access to certain areas in the home, Which in meaning we will have to limit the number of customers entering certain areas of the home.Thank you for your understanding.

This estate sale is special and packed,packed,packed.There are antiques, collectibles and unique pieces around every corner.Over 60 years of accumulation on three floors and basement.Please do not miss this sale for any reason as we wouldn’t want to be responsible for you kicking yourself later on.

Thursday September 21st Items are full price

Friday September 22nd We will  negotiate on all items

Saturday September 23rd Most items will be half price 


  • 1963 Half dollars
  • 1963 Quarters 
  • 1963 Dimes
  • 1963 Nickels
  • 1964 Pennies
  • 5 Walking liberty’s 
  • One troy ounce Fine silver coin 
  • Silver 10 Shillings Ghana Kwame Nkrumah Coin


  • Ludovicus Magnus XIII Christianissimus 
  • Ludovicus XV Pius Munifcus Medal 
  • 1813 France Austria, Russia, Alexander I / Francis I Battle of Leipzig
  • 1931 Bronze Belgium Medal for SANCTA GUDULA
  • 1843 Daniel O’ Connell Liberator of Ireland
  • 1908 3 inch Centennial Medal William Henry Cardinal O’Connell
  • Universal Exhibition Great Britain 
  • 1855 Bronze French Exposition Universelle Medal 38mm
  • 1973 French Republic Gilden Bronze Medal ACTION DE LA LOI TRIBUNAL DE PREMIERE INSTANCE
  • 1927 Bronze Commemorative The One Hundredth Birthday of The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
  • 1862 International Exhibition Commemoration of Late R.H The Prince Consort Alber
  • Bronze German Medal Von Karl Goetz “FUR TREUE IN DER ARBELT
  • 1933 Official Bronze Commemorative World’s Fair Medal
  • Bronze French Medal Great Christian King Louis 14th Belgium Cardinal


  • Steamer trunk
  • Child’s rocker
  • Marble top chest of drawers
  • Oak rocker
  • Drop leaf table
  • Handmade display case
  • Scale weight set
  • Brass scale
  • TIBBENHAM of IPSWICH-ENGLAND  nesting tables 
  • WWII Aircraft Navigational Drafting Machine AN5750-1
  • Books 1905 3 Little pigs, 1904 Mother Goose Jingles, 1924 The Gump Books 5 &6
  • Climax No 3 Industrial pencil sharpener
  • Zippo lighter Leavenworth command and General staff
  • Pocket watches by Waltham,Endura
  • Goebel St Francis figurine 
  • Ring watches by Shaffield,Quartz
  • Cinnabar Hand carved vase
  • Vintage Valentines day cards


  • Oriental Chest 
  • Vintage Broyhill sofa and love seat
  • PULASKI Secretary Desk
  • Twin beds
  • Oriental decorative coffee table
  • Mahogany dining table
  • Chest of drawers
  • Marble top coffee table
  • Marble top chest of drawers
  • Shaw Walker Mid-century chairs 
  • Slate tile coffee table

Jewelry, Watches: 

  • Sterling: Rings, Chains, Change Purse, Pins, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Antique Sterling weighted bottle, Thimbles, Creamer, Bracelets, Animal figurines 
  • Brooches 
  • Costume jewelry  by Napier, Bates and Bacon, Monet, Weiss, Lopez Taxco, Laura Gayle, Mandelle 
  • Jaccard 14 Kt Gold watch 
  • Men’s watches:  by Chalet, Sharp, Helbros, Mido, Casio, Armitron, Caprezio, 
  • Women’s watches: including BULOVA with speidel band, Acqua indigo, Esta Rossa, Waltham, Hamilton, Arimitron, Ring watches by Shaffield,Quartz, Stellor 
  • Pocket watches by Waltham,Endura

Collectibles and Misc:

  • Bolo’s
  • Belt buckles including many that are unique
  • Money clips
  • Pocket knives including many vintage,Swiss,Craftsman,Buck,Kabar,Imperial,Remington, B and B Italy 
  • Coach hand wallet’s
  • Pin clip’s
  • LEONCINI leather purse
  • Vintage Natural Sine Brass compass
  • Hard plastic rooster 2 foot by 8
  • Vintage electric razors by Norelco
  • Vintage antler magnifying glass
  • Vintage leather hand tooled purse and carrying case
  • Several pairs of binoculars
  • WW2 Remember Pearl Harbor Sweethearts Mothers pin
  • Vintage Stanley cooler
  • Quilts and blankets
  • German Stein 
  • German Coo coo clock
  • Hat pins
  • Singer sewing machines
  • Canadian Wigglers lures and vintage wooden lures and weights 
  • Jade frog
  • Cast Iron frog,cat door stop and lawn jockey
  • Vintage Sudlow’s Cobalt blue Silver ornate overlay tea set
  • Oriental mud men and oriental decor
  • Board games
  • Silver plate silver ware
  • Pyrex dishes
  • Misc hand tools
  • Flashlights
  • Candles
  • Vintage metal cabinet
  • Various lamps
  • Oriental garden seats
  • Picture frames
  • Mantle clock
  • Brass small weather vane
  • Brass candlesticks
  • leather mens wallets
  • Stetson hats
  • Coin purses
  • Vintage umbrellas and umbrella stands
  • Vintage Elfinware German porcelain trinket box 
  • Vintage BRUNING drafting machine 
  • K Maskell signed oil on canvas ” Sailing ship”
  • Jack White gold leaf painting
  • Print by Vel Miller 
  • Vintage Possum belly Tackle 10 tray with cooler
  • Zippo lighters 
  • Vintage White City Puzzle savings bank 
  • Small advertising tins 
  • Antique locks
  • Antique lock box 
  • Oriental hand painted porcelain tiles/plaques
  • Antique wooden boxes
  • Vintage U.S. Gauge Company tire gauge
  • Goose and duck calls by Bean Lake,Faulks,Mallardtone 
  • Zippo lighter Leavenworth command and General staff
  • Goebel St Francis figurine 
  • Cinnabar Hand carved vase
  • Vintage Valentines day cards

Outdoor and more

  • Concrete statuary 
  • Wrought Iron chairs
  • Concrete bird baths 
  • Lawn chairs
  • Arbors 
  • Decor
  • Flower pots

We could go on and on here….

On and on and on and on and on……

This sale is crammed with goodies and they need to find a new home so please join us in another estate adventure on September 21’st

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Busy Beever Owners Past and Present with Former Client Elaine Jones

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Busy Beever Owners Past and Present with our former client Elaine and Pat Jones

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