Date & Time:

June 9th, 2024

Preview: 5:00 PM

Start: 5:30 PM




23208 E 24 Hwy Independence, MO 64056

Building 6

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Busy Beever Auctions and Estate Sales has an amazing live auction going on now!




      This auction is Sunday the 9th with a 5:00 PM preview and a 5:30 PM start!!!!


      We have a 1989 Ford F350 RV up for auction. 


      We also have a Stunning Burl Mahogany 9-tube Elliot Grandfather Clock that is an impressive statement piece. 


      We have a glass collection from the 1930s and 1940s that you will not want to miss!!!!


      We have vintage metal & plastic lunchboxes, vintage toys, and many other outstanding items right here!!!!


                           WE HAVE ARROWHEADS!!!


      This is only a part of a lifetime collection and a teaser from SKIATOOK.


      We will do a live auction next month in SKIATOOK, OKLAHOMA FOR THE REMAINING ITEMS WE LEFT BEHIND!!!!!  What we have here at this auction on JUNE 9th is just a small fraction of what is in SKIATOOK. We will have pictures of that July auction up very soon.


      Items included in this sale are rare and vintage.  There are firearms in this auction, Coke-Cola collections!!!




      Items we have up for auction this week


       1989 RV 5,350 Actual miles Browning Conversion E350 with a 7.5 Lt


       8-foot tall Beautiful 9 tube Elliot Clock that is a must see!!!!


      Firearms and Ammo

      • Manhattan Firearms Cap & Ball Pistol, shotgun hammer percussion single-shot .36 caliber
      • JC Higgins Model 88, .22 caliber pistol
      • Wall hanger black powder rifle
      • Crosman .357 air gun
      • Beretta Model 950B, .22 caliber shorthand gun
      • Colt Challenger, .22 automatic
      • Crosman Model 105 Bullseye pump action
      • Winchester 20-gauge shotgun shells
      • Winchester Super match .38 specials centerfire cartridges (half box)
      • CCI minimag .22 long rifle copper plated hollow points
      • Federal 9MM centerfire pistol cartridges
      • Remington 38 long colt ammo
      • Blazer brass 45 auto
      • Sellier Bellot 45 auto
      • Ultramax 32-20 Win ammo
      • Remington 38 special hollow points
      • Fiocchi 380 auto
      • Armscor 22 jacketed hollow points
      • Monarch 9MM ammo
      • Hornaday 38 Special ammo
      • Fusion 30-30 ammo
      • Winchester Super X 410 gauge
      • Union Metallic 357 jacketed soft
      • Winchester 307 150 grain
      • Remington 45 auto
      • Leather rifle scabbard
      • Vintage Smith & Wesson Handcuffs with original packaging
      • Bowie like knives
      • Garcia spurs
      • Various spurs
      • Leather pistol holsters

      Original Movie Posters

      • Charlie Chan
      • The Red Dragon
      • The Jade Mask
      • Shane
      • Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (Burt Lancaster & Kurt Douglas)
      • I’ll be Seeing You (Ginger Rogers & Shirley Temple)
      • Operation Pacific (John Wayne)
      • The Wackiest Ship in the Army (Jack Lemmon)
      • The Hired Gun
      • MGM Forbidden Planet
      • Creature from The Black Lagoon (Richard Carlson & Julia Adam)
      • The Last Time I saw Archie (Robert Mitchum & Don Knotts)
      • The Quite Gun (Forrest Tucker)
      • Siege of Syracuse
      • Dead to the World
      • The Apple Dumpling Gang
      • Return of The Texan (Dale Robertson)
      • Run for Cover (James Cagney)
      • Day of the Evil Gun
      • Jesse James vs The Daltons
      • The Hired Gun
      • The Life and Time of Judge Roy Bean (Paul Newman)
      • The Cisco Kid in the Gay Amigo
      • The Adventures of Robin Hood (Errol Flynn)
      • Tarzan and the Slave Girl
      • Stowaway (Shirley Temple)
      • Devils Canyon


      • Smurfs
      • Barbie
      • Ninja Turtles
      • Coke-Cola
      • Wizard of OZ
      • Peanuts
      • Sherlock Holmes
      • Plastic & Metal Lunchboxes
      • Marilyn Monroe & James Dean 1983 Collectors Dolls
      • Vintage Boardgames (Masters of the Universe, Murder She Wrote, ET, Godzilla)
      • The Simpsons
      • Authentic Arrowheads and Pipes/Axe heads
      • The Lone Ranger
      • Comics
      • Buffalo Bill Wild West
      • Vintage License Plates
      • Pepsi
      • Hand carved Canes including a Sherlock Holmes

      Various Antiques

      • coffee grinder
      • pulleys
      • Architectural salvage metal
      • butter churn crock
      • organ stool
      • plant stand
      • crock
      • British Naval Portable Flood Light
      • Dietz Lantern
      • Handlen Railroad Lantern

      Glass including 1930’s and 1940’s

      • Kitchenware Depression Elegant
      • Caprice Elegant Glass
      • English Hobnail by Westmoreland
      • Candlewick
      • Fostoria Fairfax
      • Cambridge Elegant
      • Red Stemware by Morgantown
      • Pink Fairfax by Fostoria
      • Cambridge Cascade
      • Fostoria Mayflower
      • Depression
      • Mid Century Juice and Water Glasses with carriers
      • Pyrex


See Ya Soon!

Out of all of the Auction companies in Kansas City, MO… you chose us. We won’t let you down!



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