Estate Sale Company in Independence Missouri

Estate Sale Company in Independence Missouri

Our estate sale company in Independence Missouri also has an auction house and offers auction services in Independence Missouri. 

Estate Sales in Independence Missouri

When considering hiring an estate sale company in Independence  to organize an estate sale or liquidation for you DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY! Many families feel like they need to clean up before they interview an estate sale company. A good company should transform the space for you. Items families may value like crystal, china, and furniture don’t usually bring in the dollars—it is the small collectibles and vintage treasures that an estate sale specialist can spot that add up. Spend your energy determining which items you would like to keep-and leave the rest up to the company that you hire.

Have realistic expectations— I often have to tell a family that the value isn’t what they are hoping for. It also goes the other way. Last year we managed an estate sale where the family believed the house was full of junk. On a friend’s recommendation they called me on the verge of having a garage sale. I had to beg the family to let me work my magic. In the end they were shocked and grateful when we sold over thousands worth of treasures!

The right estate sale company in Independence Missouri can help you pass your family treasures along to happy new owners in a respectful and organized way. What could be a daunting and devastating task for a family can be managed in a very short time, saving emotional energy and potentially making a good profit.

We at Busy Beever Estate Sales and Auctions always appreciate the trust you put in our company to provide you with the piece of mind when doing an estate sale .

Independence Missouri residences know and appreciate our services and we can provide testimonials of our happy clients.

Independence Missouri Estate sales

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