Looking For Auctions and Estate Sales in Independence, MO? Look no further.

Independence, Missouri is a truly unique city, loaded with more history than a lot of other cities its size. With its Native American origins, the Mormon migration and ensuing controversies, involvement in the Civil War, and more, there’s no doubt that Independence has a rich history.

But no matter how interesting or historical any given location is, there’s something that every city has in common — there are always people moving in and out, and those people tend to have a lot of junk. These two commonalities form the foundation for our business — offering estate sales and auction services to people in Independence, MO and other cities in West Missouri and East Kansas.

Independence, MO Estate Sales and Auction Services

If you’re liquidating your home or business, you have two options — just throw things away en masse, or sell your stuff for a profit. It’s obvious which one is the better choice, but selling your stuff can be a lot of work. That’s where we come in.

Hire Busy Beever as your Independence, MO estate sale company, and we will organize an estate sale or auction in your home or building. We’ll help you set the prices, organize the items for presentation, and we’ll manage the entirety of the sale, along with assisting in the marketing and exposure.

Whether you’re hosting an estate sale or auction in Independence, MO, our property liquidation team will take all the work off your hands, so you can kick back and relax as you pass on your treasures to happy new owners, while making a nice profit in the process.

Independence Missouri Estate sales

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In conducting our business, we’ve traveled all over the state of Kansas and Missouri, and every time we find ourselves working in Independence, we love it. Independence is a city that feels both calm and bustling at the same time, rich in personality, and filled with some of the nicest people we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

If you have any questions about our estate sale company in Independence, MO or want our property liquidation professionals to operate your upcoming auction, contact us today! We’ll be happy to create a game plan that’s custom-tailored to your needs.