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Our auction company in Leawood, KS provides residents the ability to have a sale at their own homes. Families often have estate sales when downsizing or due to unfortunate events such as the passing of a loved one. We provide that piece of mind knowing that a staff member from our Leawood, KS estate sale company will visit you and provide you with all of the information needed to have a successful auction.

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Fun facts about Leawood Kansas :

Leawood was named for Oscar G. Lee, an original owner of the town site.

After the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, the area east of present day Leawood opened for settlement. The Santa Fe Trail which ran through the area also contributed to the development of the area. The Border Ruffian War (1855-1857), part of a larger conflict known as Bleeding Kansas, damaged the local economy as pro-slavery activists from the slave state of Missouri, attacked settlers, traders, and those traveling along the Santa Fe Trail. Conditions improved with the founding of Oxford, Kansas, the predecessor of Leawood. The township was destroyed by the American Civil War, and there was little left by 1865.

Modern Leawood was established in the 1920s, after Oscar G. Lee, a retired police chief from Oklahoma, moved to Johnson County. He supervised the construction of Lee Boulevard for public use.

In 1948, a housing development by the Kroh brothers led to the incorporation as a city. On November 30, 1948

The City is bordered on three sides by the cities of Overland Park and Prairie Village, Kansas and on the fourth by Kansas City, Missouri. The City’s land area is approximately 75% developed and growth is expected to continue in the future.

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One of the questions we get about estate sales and property liquidation in Leawood, KS is if the homeowner needs a business license to conduct one. Certainly not! We have our business license in estate sales and auctions and we assume the responsibility of keeping that up to date. As found in our FAQ page.

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