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Lee’s Summit, MO Estate Sale: Potential Client Question:

Most homeowners ask this same question when they contact an estate sale professional. If you attend estate sales on a regular basis, you’ll see the majority of them do not have the homeowners stay home during an estate sale, but is there a reason why?

There is no law or requirement preventing a homeowner from staying during an estate sale in Lee’s Summit, MO. Estate sale companies will address this based on preference in their policies and estate sale contracts. Some allow it, and some don’t. If you’re the homeowner, you’ll really want to ask yourself, whether you personally want to be present during the estate sale in your home.

A trustworthy estate sale company in Lee’s Summit, MO, acting as a contracted agent on your behalf, should instill confidence in you as their client. Their team should be able to answer any questions about the items in the home, as well as protect and secure your property during an estate sale. These estate sale professionals are there to hold the estate sale and deal with all the issues that arise, so you don’t have to.

Quite often, there’s an emotional attachment to the items being sold, even if they are a family member’s items. It can get real uncomfortable when the hundreds of buyers begin walking through the home and make comments about certain things. It gets awkward very quickly, not only for you as the homeowner, but for the potential buyers that are there to buy your items.

Estate sale companies like Lee’s Summit, MO’s Busy Beever, are there to ensure your items are sold at the highest value possible, as long as the market is willing to bear that cost. Uncomfortable situations may impact your bottom line, thus turning your estate sale into a less successful one.

Even if the estate sale companies you hire allow the homeowners to stay home during an estate sale, you may want to think twice about agreeing to be present.

Our property liquidation team in Lee’s Summit, MO specializes in dealing with a large volume of people. They control the crowd, monitor your home and valuables, and negotiate the highest prices possible for your items. Distractions will hinder their ability to perform their job, which directly affects your bottom line and theirs.

Having to deal with this emotional and financial burden is something for you to consider, and the reason you hired a professional to do it in the first place.

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