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“I’ve had a great experience buying from Busy Beever Auctions. The registration and bidding processes are very easy. They have great stuff on their auctions, and the items are exactly as pictured. Pick-up is also well organized and simple. I look forward to finding more treasures at future auctions.”

Erika O.

April 2023

“When my father died it absolutely crushed me, I didn’t want to believe let alone go through his stuff an say goodbye. Busy Beever understood this an how hard this process can be for grieving families, my father being a covid death ,they where very respectful had masks on at all times. I was very happy with the results of my estate sale with Busy Beever estate sales I highly recommend them!”

Ashley A.

January 2021

“If you are looking for a company to handle your estate sale/online auction needs, look no further!

Finding Busy Beever Estate Sales/Auctions was an accident – a HAPPY accident, to our great benefit.

We were actively searching for a company to come in and sell some large antique pieces that had been left over after a humongous family estate sale. Several calls to other companies produced discouraging results. Scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw the ad for Busy Beever and sent a private message to inquire about their services. I checked their website and was immediately impressed with the compassionate language I found regarding their care and concern for their clients during times which are admittedly very emotional and difficult. I received a call from Stephen in short order, and our family made plans to meet him and see if his company could help.

On the phone and in person, he was always on time, courteous, knowledgeable, beyond helpful, and super professional. When we had questions, he had answers. He and his team established themselves in a manner such that we felt more than comfortable leaving then alone to do their work. And they worked hard!

The Busy Beever team kept us in the loop on everything, every step of the way. I never once had to call him to find out how things were going, he kept me updated continually.  For our family, they made a very difficult task a huge relief. They took care of everything for us, and we were very pleased with the results of our online auction.

On a a five-star rating, I would give them a “10”!!!”

Lisa Lohman

August 2022

“This past month I needed to make a life changing downsizing of my antiques and collectibles. After living in my 3600 sq foot decided to sell majority of my belongings. After exploring my options of what companies were out there the decision to contract with Busy Beavers was what I needed. 

Steve prepared me what to expect and was very detailed in his communication. Steve, Mary and Jerry worked tirelessly staging ,advertising and conducting a very successful 2 day auction. Thank you for all you did.

Highly recommend to anyone needing assist in selling their belongings especially collectibles and antiques.”

Denise G.

March 2023

“I called every (other) estate company they were not helpful and rude

This company has been a blessing I was in a different country when I was first talked to them and they were immediately helping me get everything together they met with everyone for me and we got a consultation as soon as my plane landed. They were more than just a group of salesman they made it possible that everything was attended too while I was in the country. The other places I called didn’t want to help me. Said they couldn’t do anything until I was there and were unwilling to even listen. This family was there from the moment we first spoke.  I say family because they all worked together to make me feel like they were with me. They arranged everything and even played a huge part in getting the place sold so from start to finish they got the place together and. Liquidated and lastly spotless and in the hands of the new owner before I got on the plane back to Jordan. I can’t say enough about this group of people, each one of them had an area of expertise that was essential to turning this very emotionally draining experience into a healing process.”

Alaa T.

February 2020

Seriously the most awesome picking sale ever! I didn’t even know such a thing existed outside of TV.

This one happened to be in my hometown! They are SO busy and our man in the red shirt is rocking it out. Taking care of everyone! 100% reccomed!”

Alaa T.

May 2023

This company just did my mother’s estate and i am impressed the staff was honest and didn’t hesitate to bring me items that were valuable for me to see. I told them to throw this box away but the ladies went through it making sure nothing was missed and they found my mother’s wedding ring we hadn’t seen in years my mom thought she lost it forever!!

Check for yourself they are fast friendly and honest also very reasonably priced

Ray R.

February 2020

I was in town from Florida and I attended one of the auction held by Busy Beever it was well organized and the staff was super friendly!

Amber S.

May 2021

Great customer service . I would recommend to anyone needing a helping hand in a hard time. Our days are numbered and our personal interactions with those around us are precious gifts. Only the best deserve our time.

Skye P.

February 2021

The best fun I’ve had very helpful and great people will go again

Great place to do business

Eli Fish

February 2022

Busy beaver is a very good company we love going to the estate sales they always have everything a good pricing and quality customer service

Ashli C.

February 2020

I have bought several things from this auction site and it has always been a very good experience. But today they went above and beyond! I had won a few things on an auction but I fell and broke my leg. I was not able to pick up my items, as I couldn’t drive now. These guys moved mountains and took such amazing care of me. I got my items and met Adriana and Bill, who are just the sweetest people ever. Auctions are always a bit of a crap shoot, but I have not had a single issue, no bait and switch. I trust these guys 100%

Wendy N.

May 2021

Well put together antique valuables and all that a great price! Best auction Company in the Midwest. Just thought I’d at five out of five!

Tiffany Turnbull Eagle

February 2021

I would like to commend Busy Beever Estate Sales for helping my husband and me with our estate sale in July. In our preparations to build our retirement home out of state, we knew that now was the time to downsize our belongings. The team at Busy Beever did everything possible to make this as easy as possible. Thanks to Kevin and his sales team, we were able to sell most of our big ticket items and I was extremely impressed with his negotiation skills. It was well worth the effort and I would highly recommend this business to anyone in need of this type of service.

Karen T.

February 2021

I meant to post my favorable review of Busy Beever Estate Sales soon after our sale was ended in May 2019, but probably like most people I got distracted by other life activities.

I consider myself a reasonable and not a high maintenance person with reasonable expectations and was very pleased to work with Busy Beever Estate Sales for my in-law’s estate sale. As with any review, I try to determine what type of person is leaving the review and most of the time people are quick to leave negative reviews and are either delayed or forget all together to leave a positive review.

I am not an Estate Sale aficionado, but learned from evaluating Estate Sale companies what kind of valuable items you have before they will even consider doing your estate sale and realized many companies only want to work with you when you have fewer/high-dollar items to sell. My mother-in-law should have been a professional interior designer with all the decor items she had available to sell. There were enough items to decorate three homes!

Busy Beever Estate Sales was up for the challenge and maintained positive / open-communication with us and was highly flexible when suggesting we have more than the usual 3-day Estate Sale in order to ensure we sold as much of the folks items vs trashing or giving the items away. They worked on their days off to make this happen.

We felt like the staff was an extension of the family in protecting items from being broken or stolen and not accepting some of the insulting offers on already very reasonably priced items. When an offer was in question, they didn’t hesitate to contact family members whether they were on property or by phone. Busy Beever is confident in their business that they have no issues with family being around.

Once we all agreed the sale should be over, their clean-up crew was fabulous as we had a cleaned house for the next stage of selling the home.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we don’t hesitate to recommend Busy Beever Estate Sales. These are hard-working people with compassion and integrity not getting rich off other people’s belongings. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again!

Denise Young

January 2020

Busy Beever did an awesome job in cleaning out our house and selling our furniture and misc. stuff. They did everything they said they were going to do and more. From start to finish (packing, moving, and holding the estate sale) all happened in 10 days and this was no small task. The house was 10,000 square feet that was full of furniture, etc. We did not have to do anything. I highly recommend them!


April 2015

Came 1 week before sale and priced and cleaned the entire house.

We agreed on pricing of all our stuff because he brought his appraiser with them.

Had good help and they were there to help buyers move the things they bought.

All the people were clean and very friendly. They were never late.

We were able to see for ourselves the advertising that was done.

Sold a few things that I did not think would sell and did not sell a few things that I thought would sell.

Had a discount on the last day of the sale to really get rid of our stuff and it was worth it.

I agreed to a set % before the sale and he kept track of every sale. I wish it did not cost so much but in the end it was the right decision for us. They did work hard and it was worth it. I would use them again and I have already recommended them to others.

Denis Jensen

April 26, 2014

I want to congratulate and thank you for a job VERY WELL DONE on behalf of my mother, Pauline. You performed above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciate it tremendously. She’s a sweet 91-year-old and hated to throw anything away, as you know. You have made her life less stressful and I want you to know how much it means to both of us. I will be happy and thrilled to recommend your services to all my friends and relatives living in metro KC.  If you need a note of endorsement for a potential client, please don’t hesitate to call or write — it will be my pleasure to do so!

Eli Fish

June 2013

I have been working with the team at Busy Beever the last couple weeks getting ready for the sale of a dear client while recently passed away. They have been amazing to work with! Incredibly sensitive of our situation, absolutely professional on every front, and brought in some of the best appraisers in the metro. I would recommend this crew all day long. Especially if you have antiques and specialty items. You won’t be disappointed to entrust them!

Rich Gibbs

March 2017

Busy Beever helped my parents with an estate sale when downsizing. I was really impressed with the results. They got so much stuff sold. They helped my Mom find a good home for her horse, which was really important to her. My Mom said they put her mind at ease during the difficult process of getting rid of a lifetime’s worth of memories. Thank you for making this go so smoothly!

Sunny F.

February 2017

I had my first experience with this company this week at a lovely sale. The people are very gracious and an employee spent quite a bit of her time helping find a book I really wanted. She helped me put them in a box and and as I was hauling other treasures upstairs she protected my lone box and let other customers know I was taking other things up stairs. I was very appreciative of that. Also when I checked out not only did they package the glass wear so it wouldn’t clank and break, the gentleman hauled my heavy box out to my vehicle. Customer service like this is very appreciated.. The gentleman had no idea I had recently had surgery and shouldn’t of been lifting the heavy box of books but was just providing me with excellent service. Not only that but he also let me know I forgot a bag inside. I will definitely look for their sales again, and kind sir thank you for carrying that box for me.. It goes both ways for a business like this, and I believe if you respect the rules of the sale they are more than happy to help. Thanks for a wonderful experience!!!

Tiffany Turnbull Eagle

September 2016

I would like to commend Busy Beever Estate Sales for helping my husband and me with our estate sale in July. In our preparations to build our retirement home out of state, we knew that now was the time to downsize our belongings. The team at Busy Beever did everything possible to make this as easy as possible. Thanks to Kevin and his sales team, we were able to sell most of our big ticket items and I was extremely impressed with his negotiation skills. It was well worth the effort and I would highly recommend this business to anyone in need of this type of service.

Karen T

July 26, 2014

They worked very, very hard to make our sale a success. They were very nice to work with, professional, courteous, punctual, and flexible. They went above and beyond what other providers would have done to make sure our sale was a success, keeping in mind the feelings of the family. While other companies told us to just turn over the keys and come back when the sale was done, Busy Beever welcomed us to be as involved as we wanted to be and that meant a lot to us. There was so much stuff to sort through, we couldn’t look through everything before they began. They carefully put personal items aside for us to sort through later and when we found a few items for sale that meant a lot to the family, we were allowed to withdraw them from the sale. If we had gone with another company, I feel these items would have been gone forever as we were told we should not attend the sale. Their efforts were very much appreciated and I would definitely use their services again.


April 4, 2014

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