Can Anyone Auction Off Their Own Property?

Yes, anyone in the US can sell their own property on the open market or through other means.

An owner can “do it himself” without the help of an auctioneer, real estate licensee, appraiser, surveyor, or attorney.

Even in states where licensure is required, there is an exception for owners to auction their own property as long as it was not purchased with the intention of reselling it and/or the owner is not presenting himself as an auctioneer (engaging in the business.)

Online auction software, which is also not required in this case, makes it even simpler for owners to sell their own property through online auctions. As a result, the owner likely pays a little charge to use an online auction platform. (We at can help you with this)

Auctioneers really weren’t too concerned with owners selling their own real estate or personal items at auction until around 1995. eBay at the time invented a method for consumers to “auction” their own property online.

However, eBay actually strengthened the strength of the conventional auction market since it increased demand for goods for eBay sellers, which led to higher hammer prices globally for vendors who lacked the knowledge or motivation to sell on eBay themselves.

A few years later, additional businesses began creating online auction software for auctioneers, enabling them to market their real and personal property to a global market.

It’s interesting to note that some of these software systems are so simple to use (and do not only cater to auctioneer clients) that some owners are selling their own property directly using these platforms rather than going through a traditional auctioneer.

“Can anyone auction their own property?” is a common query. A legal problem was involved 30 years ago, not a technical one. It is obvious that anyone can auction their own property today, especially online, given the technologies available.

Online auction software makes it even simpler for those same vendors to consider conducting a live auction themselves, even if very few people believe they have the courage and skills to do so.

My judgment? Anyone can auction off their own possessions, and the Internet and related tools will encourage more individuals to do so.

It is difficult to believe that those who claim that online auction software providers will only serve auctioneers will not attempt to leverage the much larger audience of the general public or that additional online auction software providers won’t emerge who will attempt to capture this larger market.

The public is increasingly discovering the auction (and the property) rather than the auction (and the property) finding them thanks to Google’s advertising to people who have been exploring the web.

Would it be so difficult to envision a future in which everyone had access to an online auction site? Once the database is full, contacting the members about certain properties or having the members look for what they want would be pointless.

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