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In our many years of being in the auction and estate sale business, we’ve traveled all over East Kansas and West Missouri. One town that we’ve had the pleasure to visit many times over is Liberty, Missouri. Like many cities in the Clay County region, Liberty has a fascinating history, being another hot spot in the Mormon colonization of the early 1800s.

But regardless of Liberty’s history, it has one thing in common with just about every other city — it has people moving in and out all the time, and those people have a whole lot of stuff.

What does that have to do with auctions and estate sales? Well, everything! Estate sales are often a necessity when somebody is moving out of their home or liquidating their stuff. Instead of just throwing away the items or packing them and leaving them in indefinite storage, an estate sale is held so that the possessions in question can be sold to eager buyers.

Liberty Missouri Estate Sale

Estate Sale Services in Liberty

Holding an estate sale is a boon to the original owner because it allows them to get rid of countless items, but it’s not easy to hold on your own. That’s why estate sale companies exist, such as Busy Beever.

We can organize, operate, and market an estate sale for you. We’ll come straight to your Missouri home or business, assist in the preparation, and carry out an extremely well-organized estate sale that will net you a hefty profit.

In addition to estate sales, we can also be your auctioneer if you’d rather get rid of things that way. Holding an auction can be a great way to attract a large amount of people to your event, coming with the hopes that they will be able to score a hot deal. There are benefits to both estate sales and auctions, and if you contact us, we’ll be happy to help you determine which model is best for your situation.

Busy Beever makes auctions and estate sales easier than you’d ever believe. All you have to do is contact us today!

Liberty Missouri estate sale

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