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If you are a residence in Liberty Missouri and searching for the best estate sale company to hold your estate sale , look no further.  Contact Us today (816) 820-1124. Our professional team are experts at holding Liberty Missouri estate sales .  Over time we simply begin to gather too many belongings and need to downsize or liquidate our homes when moving or having to do an estate sale to close out a loved ones home.


Liberty Missouri Estate Sale

Our common questions for families looking to have a Liberty Missouri estate sale are :

Do I have enough for an estate sale or auction?
Whether a company will take your sale is based upon how much they assume your sale will make per the items they see during the consultation and this is generally the larger items. Most companies have a minimum of total sales that they are hoping to reach with each sale and will not go below that minimum. Keep in mind that their opinion is always a guesstimate and rudimentary because an estate sale or auction company cannot walk through in a short period of time and give you an exact or even very close answer of how much your sale will make. A qualified company should be able to tell you over the phone if you have enough based on what you explain that you have if you give them the bigger ticketed item in a list. A good rule of thumb to go by is before you have a company come out and take a look at what you have, Make sure you have an exact idea of what is for sale and what is not.

How much will my Liberty Missouri estate sale make?
We do not believe in quoting how much your estate will make, nor do we believe this question can be possibly answered honestly by any estate sale or auction company. Companies do have to decide if they will take your sale based on size and amount but this is only an assumption of total sales, usually based on the larger items the company sees when doing a consultation, not on an entire estate amount . There are many factors in telling a potential client how much their estate sale will make including appraised value of an entire estate. While it is not impossible to appraise every single item during a consultation, it is unlikely. The process of a professional appraisal for an entire estate can take a day or days.

Liberty, Missouri, in Clay county, is located 10 miles N of Independence, Missouri and 13 miles NE of Kansas City, Missouri. The people of the city are in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Liberty History

Liberty was first settled by Europeans in 1822. In the same year, it also became the county seat of Clay County, which was created on January 2, 1822. A law office was established by David Rice Atchison in the city in 1830. The city is home to William Jewell College, which was founded in 1849. It is the site of the Battle of Liberty, which took place in September of 1861. Liberty was incorporated in 1829.

Liberty Missouri is a great place to live and raise a family and we hate to see anyone leave but if its that time for your family to hold an estate sale in Liberty Missouri,

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