While we hold auction services all over Kansas and Missouri, we always love taking trips to Gladstone! Gladstone is a lovely little town that has roots all the way back to the early 1800s, posthumously named after Henry Clay, a US State Representative from Kentucky.

On our various trips conducting auctions and estate sales in Gladstone, we’ve had the pleasure to see the Atkins-Johnson Farm and Museum, as well as the Big Shoal Cemetery! These two destinations are just a few of the things we love about Gladstone. This is a town that has a deep-rooted history in farming, once considered to be one of the most “far west” communities in the United States.

Gladstone Estate Sales

Estate Sales and Auctions in Gladstone

As a company whose primary services are carrying out auctions and estate sales, this is a service that we’re happy to offer to the people of Gladstone. Busy Beever is an auction service that doesn’t work solely out of an auction house — we’re willing to come straight to you!

This is especially important in the case of estate sales, where items are priced and sold individually instead of being auctioned off. It’s great being able to hold estate sales inside of the actual home — not only does it prevent the need from transporting all the items being sold, but it also provides a unique context for the buyers. They get to see how and where these items were originally used, which can help them to see their innate value.

Do you have a home or business that needs to be liquidated? Do you have a massive collection of objects that you want to put up for auction? Whether you’re pursuing a tag sale or an estate auction, Busy Beever will be happy to help — right at the doorstep of your Gladstone home.

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