Estate Sale or Auction?

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Are you planning to sell an estate property? Estate sales and auctions offer individuals, families, and professionals alike an opportunity to sell the content of a home or the home itself. The major differences between both options can be found in the procedures. Are you still confused about both? Sit back, relax, as we give a detailed explanation of both estate sales and auctions as well as the differences between them.

A quick definition to begin with…

What is an Estate Sale?

Estate sale, also referred to as tag sale, is the process of liquidating an estate property. Here, the asking price is written on a label and attached to the item on sale. Estate sale often occur due to factors such as downsizing, relocation, bankruptcy, divorce, or death of the property owner.

What is an Estate Auction?

In estate auction, the general public is invited to bid for an item. Bidders are responsible for determining the selling price. The highest bidder wins the auction sale and becomes the new owner of the item or property.

Let's go over some of the differences between Estate Sales and Auctions for a better understanding

Estate Sales


There you have it!

The above are some of the differences between estate sales and auctions to help you decide which is best when trying to sell your home, estate, property, or item.

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At Busy Beevers LLC, our aim is to help you sell your property as fast as possible. Whether you are moving, liquidating your assets, or selling your property or estate, we are the perfect fit to get the job done. We will ensure that all items are sold at the right price. With us, the item or property is as good as sold or auctioned.