If you’re in a situation where you suddenly have a ton of assets that need to be liquidated, there are several ways to do it and you’re likely deliberating on which is the best for you. As a professional Kansas City estate sale and auction company, we can, at the very least, tell you that there are no better options than a tag sale or estate auction. After all, you don’t just want to throw this stuff in the garbage! But beyond that, it gets a little grayer — estate sales and estate auctions both have their own unique advantages.

Luckily, we’re here to provide some guidance! Tag sales and estate auctions can both be great for your home in the greater Kansas City area. Here are some things to consider.

If Your Main Goal is Getting Rid of Everything

Winner: Estate Auction

With both estate sales and estate auctions, the main goals are largely the same — getting rid of as much inventory (as in, possessions) as possible while still earning some good money. However, the approaches are slightly different. Auctions are efficient in clearing out as much inventory as possible, because the bidders determine their value. If the item is lower in demand, it’ll probably sell regardless because you’re more than likely to find *someone* who wants to snag it if there’s no competition.

So, while auctions can make you a nice amount of money, they’re unrivaled in absolutely clearing everything out — something that’s perfect for asset forfeiture situations, inheritances, or downsizing.

If Your Main Goal is Making Money

Winner: Estate Sales

With estate sales, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll sell everything (but don’t worry, our auction company has a “Plan B” for that), but it is guaranteed that, of the things you do sell, you’ll be getting a good value. Auctions are good for sellers when they’re competitive, but when items aren’t highly sought after, you’re not making as much money. In a tag sale, estate sale companies like Busy Beever will have certified appraisers who will research the value of every single item and price it appropriately.

So, while auctions and estate sales are fundamentally similar, their unique approaches to liquidating inventory lead to slightly different outcomes. If cash is your priority, you can’t go wrong with the latter.

If You’re Looking For a Stress-Free Experience

Winner: TIE

Organizing a tag sale or estate auction is a tremendous undertaking that can be highly stressful — unless, of course, you decide to work with a professional team, like the one we have at Busy Beever. At our estate sale company, we make sure that every single event is as easy and relaxed as possible for our clients in east Kansas and West Missouri. When you hire us, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Want an idea of what our process is, and how we’ll take care of everything for you? Be sure to check out our pages on our estate sale and estate auction services!

Kansas City Estate Sales and Auctions

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