Farm Auctions in Louisburg

Farm Auctions in Louisburg: Common Questions

Many residents have questions when it comes to farm auctions in Louisburg, KS. At the top of the list is, “Will there be enough people in attendance to support the sale?”

First of all, you should not worry about getting people to your estate sale or liquidation or auction in Louisburg, KS. At Busy Beever, we are one of the top Louisburg auction companies, and it is our job to ensure the event is well attended. We use various methods and techniques to bring buyers to our farm equipment auctions in Louisburg. We advertise through numerous media outlets, we post information about your farm auction on our social media networks to our followers, and then we post on our own site as well. Our team at Busy Beever has the right resources to promote your farm auctions in Louisburg.

Many other concerns regarding farm equipment auctions in Louisburg can be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Interesting facts about Louisburg, Kansas you might not know :

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The land Louisburg sits on was originally part of the Louisiana Purchase, bought from France in the early 1800s. Wooded hills, streams, and prairie are what the Confederated Tribes of Wea, Piankishaw, Peoria, and Kaskaskia Indians found when arriving in this area a few years later.

In the mid-1860s, land that was originally set aside for the Reserve was placed for sale, which is how the site of Louisburg got its start. This early cluster of homes, businesses, Churches, and a railroad depot was called by two different names at one time: both “New St. Louis” and “Little St. Louis.” Because of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad’s confusion with St. Louis, Missouri – the name was changed in the early 1870s to Louisburg

The Kansas Department of Transportation has designated a 168-mile route from Leavenworth, KS to the Oklahoma border as the Frontier Military Scenic Byway. U.S. Hwy 69, which passes through Louisburg, is part of the designated historical byway. The scenic byway follows closely the original road constructed between the late 1830s and the early to mid-1840s. This road was used to move soldiers, equipment, and supplies between Ft. Leavenworth, then through Ft. Scott, and ending at Ft. Gibson, OK. Soldiers, immigrants, missionaries, traders, outlaws and other travelers were frequent travelers on the original road. 


What Louisburg is Known For Today

Louisburg is widely known for the very popular “Louisburg Cider Mill” which draws numerous people from all across the region. Their popular event “Ciderfest” takes place every fall and includes numerous family-friendly activities, lots of yummy food, and a massive corn maze. Many families from different areas attend this event every year.

As of 2021, Louisburg’s population was around 5,000 residents. This rural community is surrounded by plenty of farmland and farming operations. The Louisburg community overall is a popular spot for farm auctions that tend to draw strong crowds from local and out of town auction-seekers.

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