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Questions About Farm Auctions in Smithville

“Will there be enough people in attendance to support my sale or auction?” That’s one of the top questions we get when it comes to hosting farm auctions in Smithville, MO. 

The short answer is – yes! You should not worry about getting people to atetend your estate sale, liquidation, or auction in Smithville, MO. At Busy Beever, we are one of the top Smithville auction companies, and it is our job to ensure the event is well attended. We use a variety of methods and techniques to draw clients to our farm equipment auctions in Smithville. We advertise through numerous media outlets, we post information about your farm auction on our social media platforms to our followers, and then we post on our own website as well. Overall, we have numerous outlets that we can use to promote different types of farm auctions in Smithville.

Many other questions regarding farm equipment auctions in Smithville can be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Interesting facts about Smithville, MO, you might not know:

History of Smithville

Smithville was named for Humphrey and Nancy Smith, who came west with their six sons and daughter from New York state in the early 1820s. The family was in search of quality land the perfect location to build a home. The Smiths eventually found what they were looking for and settled along the Little Platte River. This is where Smith’s Mill was established, the first water-powered flour mill in Clay County, MO. By the 1830s, a town site was laid out, and Smith’s Mill soon became known as Smithville.

In the late 1860s, the town of Smithville became incorporated. Smithville has encountered many struggles over the years, including multiple floods and fires that changed the landscape of the city.

In October 1979, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began impounding Smithville Lake, this process helped create what is today a 7,200 acre lake with over 175 miles of shoreline. Smithville Lake is a valuable resource for flood damage reduction, recreational usage, water supply, and storage capabilities, as well as fish and wildlife management.

Smithville, MO Today

As of 2021, Smithville’s population was around 10,500 residents. This community is near numerous farming operations, which makes it a very appealing location for farm and farm equipment auctions.

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