Holidays in the sun?

Sometimes it takes a little forward thinking to make sure you’ve got the holidays covered long before they sneak up on you.
When an estate goes up for sale, some of the most common items included are Christmas and Halloween decorations. Consider that holiday decorations are displayed just once a year and then placed in storage, and it’s also true that they maintain their condition better than virtually any other items that see consistent use. 
The average summer estate sale shopper probably doesn’t have their mind on Halloween or Christmas just yet, which means it’s often easy to find high quality holiday decorations available as sales are closing. Consider that Busy Beever normally discounts items already offered at a good price by 50% on the final day of an estate sale, and it’s easy to see how one can have beautiful holiday decor taken care of at a fraction of normal costs, months ahead of time. 
And when the holidays do roll around, there’s room in the budget for extra candy or an extra present under the tree!