Where Should I Invest?

It is wise to explore your options when it comes to investing.  Making an investment is an important decision. Investing your money that you worked so hard for is something that is an important decision. There are so many things you can find at auctions that appreciate in value. From collectibles to brand new items, you can find everything at Busy Beever Auctions. We do our research to give you a good idea of what something is worth. You are able to get a good deal because the lowest bidder takes the item. The starting bid is always less than what the item is worth. The early bird gets the worm… sometimes. 

The advantages of investing at an auction include purchasing at a discount, finding rare items, and more. Purchasing at a discount allows reselling at a huge profit or building your assets. Just because you purchase something for $20 doesn’t mean it is only worth that amount. Some items bought for cheap end up being worth a lot more than what it was purchased for. If there aren’t a ton of motivated buyers then you can expect to get a great deal on any item at our sales. Compared to investing in a conventional manner, you can face a lot less competition for items at auctions. Especially if the item you want to invest in is something unique that not a lot of people know about. We see a lot of collectors have their own niche that they collect and/or sell. 

We take the risk out of most of the purchasing. Coming to an auction isn’t like going to a garage sale. Garage sales are ran by the owners that may not know much about the items that they are selling. They may think that they have a Picasso when it is in fact a Smithasso. We at Busy Beever auctions make sure to look at all of the items and evaluate their worth. This affects what the starting bid is at the auction. When making an investment you want to make sure you know what you are buying. Auctions are a better place than most when it comes to buying authentic items.

Auctions have a variety of items from small to large. You can buy items like jewelry, furniture, tools, and everything else that is inside the house. You can even sometimes buy the house itself in an auction. Buying a home from auction is a great option for many reasons. A lot of times when someone is having an auction they need to liquidate their assets. Some people just want to get rid of all of their things in a timely manner. They know that by selling their home fast at auction they are more than likely not going to get fair market value. When homeowners list their property for sale in the traditional manner, with a real estate agent, they are looking to get the most money out of the property that they can. This isn’t the case when someone plans to auction their home off. They are trading some of the money for the time they would have spent trying to sell it. They would rather lose a little bit of the money in return for a faster sale. This is a perfect opportunity for someone wanting to invest. 

You can even buy real estate online now. These auctions now take place online, where they can last for days or weeks. This opens up the options for you to be able to invest from anywhere in the world. The buying of homes at auction has been and will continue to be common. Auction properties naturally attract cash bidders, resulting in a lower purchase price. Purchasers are strongly attracted because of property appreciation as fewer homes become available and affordable. Online auctions have boosted competition and pushed rates up by a bit due to the larger audience size. This is good for sellers and buyers in various ways. 

Make sure to do your research about any property or item that you are going to buy from an auction. We at Busy Beever Auctions will let you know what we are able to find out and have researched about each product. It is good to do your own research as well to make sure that you are making a sound investment. We mainly research what the item has sold for in the past. It is your job to speculate on the future appreciation or depreciation. Especially when it comes to a large purchase like a property. When property is auctioned off be sure to know the surrounding area land or property values beforehand. The starting bid is always a great deal. Way lower than the worth. 

As the auction proceeds, there could be multiple people that want the item for specific reasons that are willing to pay a high price. It is recommended to always set a limit that you are willing to spend for each item. You must also consider and calculate the existing and potential worth of the item/property.

To recap, auctions are one of the best places to get a great deal on an investment. Start increasing your portfolio and adding to your assets today by going to auctions.

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