2-Day Toy and Collectible Picker Sale

So many toys and collectibles. Don’t miss it!

Date & Time:

May 13th & 14th, 2023

9:00 AM – 3:30 PM Both Days


3236 Benton Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64128

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Busy Beever Auctions and Estate Sales is proud to present another amazing Picker Sale

Busy Beever has a massive Toy and collectible picker sale headed your way Kansas City!!!!!


We will have Limited entry into this home, So please understand when you get here that we will only allow 15 people inside at one time.


Sorry folks,no public restroom.

The upstairs will not be accessible. 


We will have thousands of items outside, so plenty to dig through, and equally exciting items will be outside.


A picker sale is when we cannot price for various reasons, and we ask the public to name their own price by the piece or pile.

We can also price on the spot!!!!!!!!!!


In this home there will be a lot of digging to find your treasure but make no mistake, there are many treasures here!!!!!!!!!!!

Picker sales are not for everyone. If you aren’t prepared to dig a bit and make an offer then this sale is probably not for you.


If you like the hunt, then this is up your alley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are absolutely excited as many of these items are from our childhood.

We are also excited that we get to share this sale with the public even if the time constraints are rough………..

Bring a friend and pack a lunch as you may be here a while………………….. 


Our client’s grandmother always wanted to open a store and so she compiled a huge collection of toys and collectibles in a 3-story home with a full basement.

We have but just a few days to clear the basement and first floor.


The Busy Beever team believes we can do it, will you help????


Our first weekend will be items from the ground floor and basement.

May 13th and 14th!!!!!!!!!!  Hours 9 am until 3:30


On our second weekend, we will do the second and 3rd floors.

May 27th and 28th  9 to 3:30


This may be one for the record books….


We have over 1000 teddy bears including Vermont and Gund.


Over 350 albums!!!!!!


We also have thousands and thousands of toys.


Waitttttttt!!!!!! That’s not all!!!! We have over 800 pieces of glass and porcelain…………



We also have electronics including a Sansui Turn table and speakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have Kitschy items and unique as well………………………………………



We have original Oil paintings!!!!!!


We are holding a picker sale.

please read on for us to explain how a picker sale works.


Folks, we definitely get ourselves involved in sales every week that other companies will not do.

We see value when others see too much work.

We will also take on the hard cases and that’s a fact.


This week is certainly and absolutely no different!!!!!!!!!!!


Here we have a 3-story home with a full basement packed with collectibles, toys, glass, and midcentury.


This is an emergency sale, and all must go!!!

We need your help to empty this home and fast.

 In order to save this house, the homeowners must sell this super cool collection quickly.


The house is in ill repair but worth saving and we have been charged with helping. 


Again The home itself is again in ill repair as well as has a mold issue.

Most of the items inside have been in here for over 30 to 40 years and the house has suffered because of it being packed in floor to ceiling for an extended period.

We will have masks and encourage you to wear one.


We are holding a picker sale!!!!

This means you must dig for your treasure and then we price it on the spot by the pile or by the piece.

You are also welcome to make an offer on any item or items.

No reasonable offer will be refused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Saturday 9 to 330

Sunday 9 to 330


Items and collectibles we have here during the first round of our picker sale.


Fisher Price toys

Teddy Bears including Gund, Vermont, Bialosky, and Raikes

Tin Litho toys

Dicast cars

Mcdonalds toys

Sonic toys

Hardees toys

Arby’s glasses

Smurf glasses

Kentucky Fried chicken glasses

Holly Hobby glasses


California Raisins


Rubber toys

Hundreds of vintage kids’ books

Doll furniture

Hand blown glass

Viking glass

Milk glass

Slag glass

Swirl glass


Depression glass

Art glass

Indiana glass

Swanky swigs

Ruby glass

Over 1000 stuffed animals including many Disney items, Smurfs, Rodger rabbit, and advertising pieces

Coke items



1950’s Playboy stuffed bunny

Star Wars





Doll clothes

Beanie Babies

Buddy L

Brain games


Beams Decanters

Mario Bros

Captain Crunch


Hand carved animals

Perfume bottles


Masonic items

Costume jewelry 

Stereo equipment including Sansui speakers and turn table

Little Golden books

Johnny West toy

Knight rider

A Team

Metal cars and train

Train sets

Unique ashtrays


Oil Paintings


Display cases

Glass paperweights

Barristers bookcase

Vintage headphones

Concert posters

Pepsi items

Antique baby buggy

J.C. Deagan Xylophone

Pewter mugs

Baseball cards 


See Ya Soon!

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