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We work with a mandate of helping our client(s) accomplish their Kansas City estate sale as quickly as possible. Whether you are moving, liquidating your assets, or selling an estate, we function with twin goals which are to help you accomplish these aims in a short time as possible and also emptying the home at the end of the sale. We are a window through which you can contact a stream of buyers at the cost that dovetails with your requirements.

Over the years, we have ensured that we provide our clients with the best services when it comes to the liquidation of their valuables.  We help them set a fair market value and we also ensure that our clients understand each document and procedures that are involved in auctioning homes as well as liquidating the contents of their estate.


Estate Sales

Moving Sales

Before the Sale

  • A free professional, compassionate and respectful consultation will be offered to our potential client.
  • Review the provisions and expectations of the sale.
  • Furnish tables and merchandising items such as clothing racks or locked display cases.
  • Arrange and display key household items and furniture to best showcase your estate.
  • A careful sorting of estate items, no need to throw anything away before we arrive.
  • We research, appraise, and price all items to obtain a fair market value with full intent to sell.
  • Create and organize all advertising/marketing information specific to your estate sale or auction needs.
  • Your sale will have its own page on our website which will include pictures and directional map of location.
  • On the morning of the sale, signs will be placed in your neighborhoods high traffic areas. These advertising sale signs are designed to increase traffic and ensure a successful outcome of your estate sale or auction.
  • Obtain all necessary permits from city and HOA (Home Owner Association) officials.

During the Sale

  • Customers are greeted in a welcoming manner.
  • Our Staff will be available to assist customers and for the security of our clients home and items.
  • Merchandise is continuously arranged and organized to catch the buyers eye.
  • Bids are accepted until the close of business on the 1st day of sale only.
  • Our staff will carefully assist our customers when removing their purchases.
  • Parking coordinated if necessary for your location.
  • Take payment for items: Cash – Checks up to $50.00 – All Major Credit Cards.
  • Continually advertise specifically for current sale and monitor our social media outlets productively.
  • If selling your home, we will display information provided by your agent.

After the Sale

  • After the sale, we will coordinate pickups with the client and the buyer.
  • All signage will be removed from property and city.
  • As agreed upon and signed for in the contract, unsold items will either be left in the home or a contracted clean out crew will have them removed. If items are removed through a clean out crew, the home will be left “Broom Clean”. Clean out crew may require payment for services and a dumpster may be needed and paid for by client.
  • A one-on-one assessment of services will be held between owner of Busy Beever LLC and current client.
  • A sales recap with hand written receipts will be provided to client.   All receipts, invoices and payment will be hand delivered or mailed within 10 business days after completion of sale.
  • All keys and/or garage door openers will be returned to client after the completion of sale.

Etiquette and Policies for Busy Beever LLC Sales

  • Our company is NOT responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • Please bring help to load large purchases.
  • Payment Methods:
    • Cash
    • Checks up to $50
    • Credit Cards with a minimum of $20.  There will be a charge of 3% on any purchase over $500.
  • No returns for any reason. All items are sold AS IS – WHERE IS.
  • Only one entrance and one exit to our sales except in case of emergency.
  • Busy Beever pricing and buying step down process: Pricing and buying is subject to change. Please check our current sale tab for the weekly step down.
    • 1st day – Full price
    • 2nd day – Negotiations on items $20.00 and above
    • 3rd day – Half price (50% off). Some items are occasionally not discounted. This is a client decision.
  • All individuals that buy items are responsible for loading their own items without exception.
  • Once you buy an item, you are completely responsible for that Item.
  • Animals are not allowed inside our sale location except for service animals.
  • No smoking allowed inside our sale location including E-cigarettes.
  • No Shirt – No Shoes – No Service.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to attend our sales without being accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Once you buy an item you are completely responsible for that Item. All items that are not picked up by 5 pm on the final day of any sale will be stored.  A storage fee of   $ 5.00 per item per day will be added until item is picked up. The Fee must be paid prior to any pick ups. After 30 days of final sale date the buyer relinquishes all rights to each item that was stored and those items will be liquidated.

Thank you for attending our sales. We know we couldn’t do this without the public.