The basics of making estate sale shopping a fun routine!

Most estate sales advertise online in a variety of places, so getting in the habit of checking Craigslist, estate sales sites (such as, as well as following as many local estate sales companies as possible on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), is a great way to stay tuned to what’s coming up.
Since most estate sale addresses are made public the day prior to the sale, you might get in the habit of checking the various sites on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon, and mapping out the locations via Google Maps (or whichever GPS app you choose). A few minutes of preparation will allow you the opportunity to figure out the easiest way to visit multiple sales when you’re out hunting treasures. And if you don’t mind shopping in garages, you might also see if there are any neighborhood garage sales on your route.
Also keep in mind that most estate sales will increase discounts daily, so if you’re mainly into bargain shopping, Saturdays might be your best bet. Of course, lots of desirable items will sell quickly, so if you’re determined to take advantage of the deepest discounts, you might want to be there when the doors open.
Finally, if you’re searching for specific items, don’t hesitate to contact estate sale companies ahead of time. Not every item will be listed for sale, and most companies will be glad to answer your questions.
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