“Collecting Disney memorbillia is so much fun”

From the first Mickey Mouse stuffed doll to today’s cutting-edge tech, there are items for all ages and interests in the hobby of collecting Disney memorabilia. Whether one has an intense (or even mild) interest with Disney products, these large collections are bound to make anyone excited. Vintage Disney collectibles are especially appealing to a lot of people. These brands, characters, movies, and stories are well known globally. This means there is a huge interest and competition to own a nice collection of Disney memorabilia.
Are you interested to hear about some of the largest collections in the world? We are! We too are fascinated with Disney collectibles. The following are some of the top Disney collections ever.
#1 Joel Magee’s Disney Collection
Joel Magee owns one of America’s largest private collections, worth over a whopping 10 Million dollars – if not more now – in vintage Disney Park memorabilia. Magee has been called “America’s Toy Scout” for his extensive findings and expertise on rare collectibles like these pieces. These are anything from cast member uniforms toDisneyland statues and everything inbetween.
How did he get started? He says that he never left his childhood (so they say). Something about toys and Disney World makes him feel like a young boy again. Magee’s association with Disney Collectibles has been long. For 30+ years, Magee has been collecting toys from flea markets in Sioux City. He says he’s still not sure why but it all started there. His passion for toys brings him back every year to try to find more!
Magee owns some of the most iconic rides from opening day at Disneyland in 1955. He owns things like Peter Pan’s pirate ship, the original Mr. Toad vehicle for Wild Ride, and so much more! He also has an awesome collection of ghost props used on the Haunted Mansion ride – it is one of only three sets that still exist in the world today. One of the few remaining pieces that Mr. Magee loves is his original hitch-hiking ghost prop from Disney World’s Haunted Mansion ride.
He also has an array of memorabilia used by Walt Disney himself. This inclueds items that were used at the final events he was at before his death. He gave out placards with “Walt” printed on them after giving speeches, amongst other things. If you are wondering all of the collectibles he had click here to view the article that highlights some of Joel Magee’s Disney collection. https://www.metv.com/collectorscall/collection/meet-joel-magee-inside-the-collection
His collection has made him famous. His love for childhood memories led him to create a collection of toys that will make kids’ eyes light up. Magee said he feels fulfillment watching others relive their childhood through his museum-quality antique and vintage toy displays. These displays feature pieces not found anywhere else in the world! They are truly amazing!
It is not the first time that a collection of antique items has been featured on the History Channel. Magee’s impressive pieces were displayed in an episode of Pawn Stars. He was also commemorated by Pawn Stars with his 500th episode appearance! He is also a passionate collector of vintage toys who hosts buying events around the country where he invites people to bring old, unwanted, items for him. He will buy anything from dolls and action figures all way down to toy trains or baby blocks! Go to ToyScout.com for more information about this.
#2 Jorge Arias “Cars” Disney Movie Collector
The love affair with Disney cars is not just a childhood memory for some. Mexico’s Jorge Arias had become an international collector of the film memorabilia. He started his collection before ‘Cars’ was released in theatres! He became an avid collector and now owns over twelve HUNDRED pieces related to the movie – including posters, toys, and much more. With one of the largest collections in historyhttps://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/life-style/mexican-guinness-record-world-largest-collection-disneys-cars-memorabilia-jorge-arias-7516989/, this man now has the record for the most ‘Cars’ memorabilia in the world. He appears on many lists of the world’s greatest collectors.
Now, 16 years later, with a collection that only continues to grow – his passion shines through. He takes extremely good care of his collection. He oils and stores the majority of his items in very safe areas. It helps him keep them in perfect condition. Now he is a celebrity in Mexico.
His website is inspiring with mentions of a great way to start your own collection!
These are Two of the largest collections known to man. These collections are very impressive and one of a kind. Disney is very sought after and everyone else is left wishing they could find even a quarter of what these two folks have. Collections like this belong in museums – just like a lot of the items that we sell here at Busy Beever Auctions, there’s a good chance they will be in a museum one day. We have had a lot of things that we auction in Kansas City that have ended up in a museum. It is always fun to learn about cool collections and wish we had them! Here at Busy Beever, we auction off a ton of collectibles including Disney. If you have a collection of Disney Memorabilia and want to have an auction please let us know!


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