Trash or Treasure: Sentimental Value

Auctions and Estate Sales are a place where people sell the things that they care most about. When someone cares about something a lot it can be a tough task for them to let it go. The things we have are a part of our daily lives. They are essentially a part of us.
If you want to know what people care about, look at what they do with their money and time. One place that you are able to see exactly what someone has spent their money and time on is their home. Our homes are private places that we do not let everyone see. When someone is liquidating their personal belongings their doors are open to the public. This opens up a window of transparency and allows people to take a peek into their life: what they like, what they have experienced, their collections, secrets, and most enjoyable moments in life. There is usually items to accompany each one of our experiences, which help us remember the good times. Through all of the important events in your life such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations, you gather a lot of items. These items associated with life changing events are especially sentimentally valuable.
Value is very arbitrary. Memories, time frames, or other factors that are correlated with a specific item might make it worth a huge amount of money to you, while others look at it as trash. This is called sentimental value. It is very real and something that we see a lot of in this line of work. We respect values that our clients place on their items, that is why we treat everything with so much respect and urgency.
At an auction or estate sale; a lifetime worth of possessions are being sold to the highest bidder. You can’t take anything with you when you die, or move to a smaller house, so you are forced to sell it. Selling your items is a good thing whether it seems like it or not. It allows someone else to make memories and get good use out of something instead of it going to waste. It’s very common for people to sell their entire life’s accumulation of possessions when they die or move. It is hard to part with things but here at Busy Beever we do our best to find your prized possessions an amazing new home. As one of the premier estate sale companies in Kansas City we truly strive to be as understanding and gentle in every situation as we can be. We know it is hard to get rid of the things that you love but just know we are doing everything we can to find it a great home.
Being able to see everything that someone cares about is amazing. It paints a picture of what that person enjoyed and even what they are like. As others are saying goodbye to their life’s possessions, someone else is saying hello to their new life changing items. Memories are bound to be made and the legacy of that person and item lives on. These items are much more than what meets the eye. Some simply see a house – but this is the house where you raised your kids; the car that you took on vacation when your dog was a puppy; your grandmothers antique China set that you used back in 1995; the bookcase your husband built with his bare hands… We see that.
Sentimental value can be very high on an object that may not be worth a ton. For instance, if you visit an Auction Company in Kansas City, you might see someone selling a dresser with some of its drawers missing and think that it’s a piece of junk (and on the retail market, you may be right). The truth is that it is not just a dresser to that person. That was the dresser the seller had when she met her husband and she spent countless hours getting ready in front of it every day. Memories that will never be forgotten.
The items that are sold at our auctions and estate sales are unique items. These can be anything from furniture to artwork and gifts. These items almost always have a story behind them that you can’t get with a brand new item. When you purchase these items, you’ll likely be able to discover whatever information is available about the item from previous owners or a quick online search. This can help you identify what the item is used for and the value of the item. Sometimes there are items that are worth a huge amount of money that may get overlooked by the owner because there is not much sentimental value. Someone may think an item that has a retail value of $100 is more valuable than something with a retail value of $2,500 because of how strong the sentimental value is. Auction companies like ours appraise items during Auctions and most Estate sales. Sometimes when we are running an emergency sale or picker sale there isn’t much appraising going on and previous owners may not have realized just how valuable an item is. There is always a good opportunity to find something that is worth a huge amount on the retail market at our emergency sales. If you’re interested, check out our current sales at
Auctions and Estate sales are not just a way to make extra money or get rid of clutter – they are a vital tool we use to help people part with the past and find new homes for the things that were cared for so much over the years.
You are not just buying an item, you’re buying history, something someone cared about. This aspect of Auctions and Estate Sales are why we love helping people find buyers for their prized possessions. We connect the right buyer with the seller to make the transaction go as smooth as possible.
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